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Joshua Chavez

Drain Tech
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Joshua has been with Bigos Plumbing for one year. He came to Bigos during his senior year in high school, during the time when the pandemic hit. He was eager to learn and from that desire came the beginning of a career. He specializes in reinstatements, sewer liners, and pipe coating.

“I work for Bigos Plumbing for many reasons, but mainly for the great persistent work environment, it provides. Everyone on the crew carries a strong work ethic with them throughout each day. We are persistent with any situation we find ourselves in.”

From the owner:

Joshua came to Bigos this past year during his senior year of high school. He came willing to take the opportunity to learn a trade and be ready to work. He is never afraid to grab a shovel and ask where to start digging. He has excelled at sewer rehabilitation and puts forth an effort to always get better. Josh has an amazing start to a bright career.