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Luke Bigos

Plumbing Manager/Super Tech
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Luke finds pride and value in being a 3rd generation plumber and desires to protect that by performing his best daily on every task given. Luke specializes in all plumbing services from repiping to tankless water heaters. His goal is to provide quality plumbing solutions and ensure the job is done properly from beginning to end.

Luke is passionate about communication with customers and enjoys the relationships he has built in the 18 years he’s been in the trade. When asked, Why he’s at Bigos, Luke says, “I get to live out my passion and work alongside my family. There's no better team.”

From the owner: Luke is a hard-working master plumber. He’s not scared to jump in and approach any task at hand. He thinks before he approaches, which is important in this trade. Luke genuinely cares about our customers and provides great customer service.